Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hi, Missy here. I caught my foster mom not looking and I hijacked the computer. I just had to change my blog background and post a picture. When you are a lab, in a golden rescue, you have to be creative just to get people to look at you. Of course, my foster parents already loved labs because Cedar looks just like one. I know, you have heard the story before (I have heard it several times myself). Cedar's mom was a golden, but I bet his dad was a yellow lab. He stills calls himself a golden retriever but I think he is a golden mix. I think I am a yellow lab, not a mix. Since Karma and Robbie are goldens, I try not to mention the lab word around Cedar. Anyway, I decided to get more comfortable on the couch and my mom took a picture. She went on and on about how cute I was, so I have decided to do it again. It does not take much to get your picture taken around here. The other picture is the last one that was taken of my friend Buddy and me. He traveled to Vermont last Friday. Well, it is after 10:00 and past my bed time. Later, Missy

This is Cedar. What do you think? Lab or Golden?

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  1. Your Mom is right to go on about how cute you are, Missy - you are adorable, and hilarious! If all goes well and you can come to N.E. to be our girl, we'll treat you to a swim in some New England waters. Meanwhile, keep cool! Meghan