Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinner and a movie!

Last night was great. We had dinner, and then we went to the movies. Well, not literally. We watched a movie on the big screen TV. My foster mom even baked chocolate chip cookies for the event. Somehow, in the mist of getting all settled to watch the movie I never did get a cookie. What's up with that. I worked hard helping her bake those cookies and I didn't even get one. Oh well, that's the way things go around here. I did get to sit in my favorite chair to watch the movie though. The movie was boring so I just took a nap. If you are wondering why there is a picture of some lab feet, well they were trying to decide who was bringing in the most sand. I can't help it if sand sticks to my feet. Just when this picture was taken, I heard Cedar and Karma outside. They were running around playing chase through the sand. Oh, and by the way, Karma was winning. I don't know how she does it with only 3 feet but she is fast. Cedar does not usually play because he likes to stay close to his mom. He is one of those mama's boys. I was inside minding my own business and helping with those cookies and my feet get their picture taken. They are cute feet though. Missy

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  1. Well, Missy, there's no sand in our yard up here in MA but there's lots of very wet clover and soggy bark mulch. I would not even mind vacuuming if your cute lab feet tracked some in here . My son and I just had a great visit from the family that adopted a lovely girl named Bailey from MAGRR. It was GREAT to have a dog in the house and Bailey seems to be liking N.E. just fine. Her family sure is crazy about her. Hope someday soon to be saying the same about us and you, if all goes well. Greetings to your playmates and wonderful foster Mom & Dad. Those cookies sure look good! Meghan