Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missy is Miss Personality

We have really enjoyed our time with Missy. She has so much personality. We can always count on getting a cute picture of this sweet girl. We will truly miss having her around. On Thursday, I went for a walk (in the 100 degrees) and every song on my ipod had lyrics that reminded me of Missy. There is just one little thing that makes this fostering business hard. You guessed it, having to say goodbye. Why I have songs such as "I Will Remember You", "You Found Me", "These are the Times of My Life", and "Come Back to Me" on my ipod is beyond me. I sure can pick the sad songs. In fact, most of these songs remind me of all my fosters. Even though I will never see them again, I have great memories of them all. This one may tug at my heart strings just a little harder. We love you Missy.

Missy and Robbie

Her favorite spot on the couch.

Karma and Missy

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