Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend!

Missy here again. I had a really busy weekend. First of all, my foster dad had a big load of sand delivered to our house. He worked hard getting all that sand spread around in the front and back yards. Boy are we having fun in that sand. I don't think he realized at the time that 4 retrievers don't really mix well with sand. My mom has been sweeping most of the weekend. We love to go outside and play chase through the sand. Karma even laid out like she was at the beach. We had to stay inside while he made lots of trips taking the sand to the backyard so I had to stand guard at the front door. You know those Golden Retrievers had to get their beauty rest while I stood guard. Anybody remember that Paul Simon song that says "I'll stand guard like a postcard of a Golden Retriever"? Well, it should have been a Labrador Retriever. When my dad came in to rest, I was so excited that I had to get in his lap. My mom keeps telling me that I am a lab, not a lap dog. What does she know anyway?


  1. I just LOVE her! She's so beautiful and reminds me so much of my Marley. I would love to have her and keep telling Chris I'm going to adopt her once we get moved!

  2. That would be wonderful. We are so attached to this girl that we want to find just the right family. I hope you find a house quickly.

  3. Hi Missy and Family, We are holding our breath in New England. You have seen our "Missy is great!" comments the past two weeks, we hope. It's really great that a couple of other fans are as taken as we are with such a beautiful, playful, affectionate girl, but it's a heart-stopper for us if you're saying it would be wonderful if someone else adopted her. Consider us hopeful hearts in Massachusetts! Meghan