Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuesday: March 23

Still thinking about Missy. I posted some information about Missy and I emailed a contact that one of our volunteers gave me and I emailed the Lab Rescue groups in both Kentucky and Oklahoma. I have not heard from either one. I then received notification from Gary, one of our MAGRR board members. He volunteered to pay for Missy's vet bills if I wanted to get her out of the shelter.

Sometime in the afternoon, I got a call from Tim (my husband). He said, "Why don't you go and rescue Missy." He was traveling for work that day in a rural area of Tennessee and he saw more stray dogs and it was really beginning to get on his nerves. I even saw a stray when I stopped on one of my errands that afternoon. Of course, I am still thinking that maybe one of the rescue groups will reply to my messages.

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