Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday: March 26

Today is the day that Davis left for his forever home. Sherry came over to go with me, and she brought a soft crate just in case we needed it. After we took Davis to the transport, we planned to drive to West Memphis and rescue Missy. The shelter closes at noon on Friday, so we did not have a lot of time to waste. When we drove up to the shelter, I looked to my left and there she was. Missy was in the same outdoor run, but she was alone. I really can't be sure, but I think I saw the look on her face that said "they came back for me". We went inside, completed the necessary paper work, paid $80.00 and headed outside to get Missy. She was so excited. She got in the crate and road very quietly. Somehow, she just knew that she was safe.

While on our way to the vet in Collierville, it occurred to me that Missy would be spending the weekend in another crate. I decided that she would spend the weekend at my house. We were so close to the vet's office, we went ahead and stopped by to let them know that we would bring Missy back after the weekend. They were kind enough to offer to give her a bath. Sherry and I went to lunch while Missy was treated to a bath and a blow dry. After lunch, we picked her up and started home. She is doing great. She is fine with our other dogs and she is so sweet. She takes treats nicely and knows sit. I do think that she is house trained, although she has had one accident.

Missy did not need the crate.

Missy helps Tim play the Xbox.

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