Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Beginning

I need to rewind back to Friday, March 19.
I arrived at school on the Friday before spring break and already I could tell it was going to be one of those days. Some of our students decided to take the day off and start their spring break early. A large group of band students were loading the Greyhound bus to start their trek to New York City.

The EAST Lab classroom was full of Kuranda beds and several students were working very hard to get the last few beds put together so we could travel down to the animal shelter and deliver them. In case you aren't aware, my sister (Sherry) and I both teach at West Memphis High School. Our students sold candy to raise $1,800 to buy Kuranda beds for our local animal shelter. We decided that this would be the perfect day to take some students and go deliver the beds. We wanted the students to be able to put the beds in the kennels. You would think after fostering 78 goldens and having to tell them goodbye, that I could suck it up and go to the shelter. So, I did just that.

We decided to call all of our EAST students out of class to have a parade of beds out to the trucks. After loading the beds, we headed down to the shelter. When we got there, just when I got out of the truck, I saw two big golden dogs in an outside run. One of them looked like a Golden Retriever and the other one looked like a yellow Lab. I immediately wanted to visit those two. So, Angela (the shelter lady) got Jersey for all of us to love. He was so sweet and I just knew that MAGRR could rescue this boy. I looked back at Missy and I saw a Lab, not a golden. I told her that I was sure that the Lab rescue might come and get her.

We delivered the beds, shed a few tears, and loved lots of dogs (and cats). We assured everyone that someone would rescue them soon. It made us feel better to think that. As we got ready to leave, I looked over at Missy and told her goodbye. I told Jersey that we would be back.

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